Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Howard, Edinburgh ...πολυτελεια στο Εδινμβούργο

The Howard is a traditional Scottish Georgian town house hotel.
Originally built as homes in the 1820's, these three buildings, which are now The Howard, are part of the city's New Town in Edinburgh. This area of Edinburgh, classified as the largest Historical Monument in Britain, developed when the Old Town, from the Castle to Holyrood House grew overcrowded. They became a hotel just after the Second World War, when a Mr Fergusson purchased two adjoining properties, 32 and 36. He undertook a conversion to form a guesthouse, called the St Christopher, linking the house at four levels by corridors and thus creating 25 bedrooms.
Many years later the property was purchased by Mr Arthur Neil who upgraded the building into an hotel and renamed it The Howard.

The Howard Hotel
34 Great King Street .
Tel: +44 (0)131 557 3500

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