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Sabaurg and zoo, Germany

Sabaurg and zoo, originally uploaded by koko-m-poser.

The Reinhardswald is a range of hills up to 472.2 m above NN and covering an area of over 200 km²[1] in the Weser Uplands in the district of Kassel, Hesse (Germany). Of this, 183 km² are part of the unparished area known as Gutsbezirk Reinhardswald.
The Reinhardswald – home to countless myths and legends, like the Grimm's Fairy Tales – is reknown country-wide, especially for the Sleeping Beauty castle of Sababurg.
The Reinhardswald is located in the north of North Hesse between Kassel and Bad Karlshafen, Hann. Münden and Hofgeismar. In the north and east this woodland area runs up against the Weser and, in the southeast and south against the Fulda; both rivers form locally the border with Lower Saxony. In the west it borders partly on the Esse and, in the northwest, on the Diemel.
To the north of the Reinhardswald, on the far side of the Weser, is the Solling, to the northeast is the Kiffing and to the east, the Bramwald. To the southeast, beyond the Fulda, is the Kaufungen Forest; not far away to the southwest of the Reinhardswald the Habichtswald looks down on the Kassel Basin.

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