Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Quiraing, Isle of Skye, Scotland, UK

The Quiraing, originally uploaded by Billy Currie.

Taken just after dawn on the Isle of Skye, Scotland.

We left home at 01:30 saturday morning (two hours sleep) to reach skye for pre-dawn light, we then snapped around Skye until the light got rubbish. At this point we drove all the way to Applecross to see how nice it was before driving back to Elgol for Sunset. After sunset we drove to Glencoe where we put up the tent at midnight and got 5 hours sleep before getting back up, to snap dawn in glencoe and then returned home. Think I might head to my bed and surface around Wednesday :-)


"A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step." -- Lao Tzu
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