Saturday, January 10, 2009

New York, Times sq. 1909 ...η πλατεια των Ταϊμς, το 1909

Times SQ 1909

People gathering at night to enjoy restaurants, movies, theatres
All sorts of wonderful entertainment in one colourful square
A square that would become a celebration point for all America
The VE Day celebrations there would echo around the world
All this can only mean one square the Times Square
Before The New York Times built a new building on 43rd Street in 1904
To give the name Times Square it was known as Longacre Square
Earlier at the turn of the century a somewhat dangerous place
A place where only villains and the like would dare enter

Times Square Shuffle
Times Square Alliance
Coordinates: 40°45′24″N 73°59′11″W / 40.75659, -73.98626

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