Sunday, December 21, 2008

Mexican X-mas ..Χριστούγεννα στο Μεξικό

A New Mexican Christmas
By Kathy Armijo

Nativity scenes decorate people’s yards
Christmas lights adorn houses of every style
All in anticipation of the Holy Night
To celebrate the birth of the holy child

As tamales, posole, and homemade bread are prepared
Filling our thoughts of the Christmas s p r e a d
Mom’s pastelitos and biscochitos are the best
When they taste like hers, you’ve passed the test

Las Posadas are a re-enactment of THAT night
People going from house to house seeking shelter
Hoping to find a place for Mary to give birth
Ending at the designated house, finding shelter and mirth

Christmas Eve has its own custom
Houses silhouetted with
The City has a tour of the best-lighted homes
Even the cemeteries are framed with candlelight

With all this wonderful lighting
It is an invitation for the Baby
To make His way to our abode
To meet with Him, here, at this crossroad

A New Mexican Christmas
I am so glad I live here
Everywhere you go, you hear
Feliz Navidad! And revel in heartfelt good cheer.

Note: Christmas Eve in New Mexico is a very special night. It is steeped in tradition. No other image symbolizes the season better than the flickering lights from the brown paper bags called luminarias or farolitos, which line the walkways and outline buildings and houses throughout the state. They are only lit on December 24th and in many areas, such as the Old Town area here in Albuquerque, electric lights are turned off, motorized traffic is restricted, and people bundle up and stroll the areas and let the luminarias and carolers weave their spell. Even the cemeteries take on this wonderful tradition.

"A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step." -- Lao Tzu
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