Sunday, May 8, 2011

Port of Glommen, Halland, Sweden

Pier in storm 2,2, originally uploaded by jacglenphoto©.

Glommen is a locality situated in Falkenberg Municipality, Halland County, Sweden, with 687 inhabitants in 2005.[1]
It came to be formed in the later part of the 19th century, as a fishing port was established.
The Glumsten, a glacial erratic is mentioned as early as in the 11th century. It was important for navigation in the area until a lighthouse, Morups Tånge, was built in the 1840s.
The largest company is Glommens Fisk AB with about 30 employees and a turnover of about 70 million SEK. The village is also home to a restaurant as well as two minkfarms. The football club, Glommens IF, has as best played in the fifth division.

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