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Gruyeres, Moleson, Switzerland

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Gruyères is 810 m above sea level, 4.5 km south-south-east of the district capital Bulle. The historical town is placed on top of an isolated hill north of the alps, in the foothills of mount Moléson. It is also the location where the Saane river (French name: Sarine) leaves the Fribourg alps.

Medieval Gruyères
The 28.4 km² area of the municipality comprises a section of the Saane valley and of the Fribourg alps. The central part of the area is the plains of Alluvial (690 m above sea level) next to the alps, between Gruyères and Broc, from which the hill of Gruyères rises to 828 m above sea level. From the west, the brook Trême meets the Saane. East of the Saane, the municipality area ends in a small corner, bordered by the ridges of Dent de Broc (1829 m above sea level) in the north and Dent du Chamois (1830 m above sea level) in the south, ending at the valley of Motélon. The two peaks with their saddle between them are a popular subject for photographs of Gruyères.
Southwest of Gruyères, the municipality comprises most of the catchment area of the brook Albeuve, which originates on the flanks of mount Moléson. The top of mount Moléson is the highest point of the municipality, reaching 2002 m above sea level. It is worth an excursion. West of the Moléson, the densely wooded right valley side of the Trême and the terasse of La Part Dieu belong to Gruyères. 1997, 5% of the area was used for settlements, 49% wood and bosk, 41% agricultural and about 5% was unusable land.
The municipality of Gruyères also comprises the two villages of Epagny (715 m above sea level) to the north and Pringy (750 m above sea level) to the west of the town hill. Further, the small village Saussivue (710 above sea level) to the south and the holiday settlement Moléson-Village (1132 m above sea level) in the valley of the Albeuve in the foothills of mount Moléson as well as several isolated farms. Neighbour municipalities of Gruyères are Broc, Charmey, Bas-Intyamon, Haut-Intyamon, Semsales, Vaulruz, Vuadens, Bulle, La Tour-de-Trême and Le Pâquier.

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