Monday, June 22, 2009

Seattle in Motion at Sunset

Seattle in Motion at Sunset, originally uploaded by Surrealize.

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This shot of the Seattle skyline was taken from Beacon Hill where you can get a really great perspective of the setting sun behind the city this time of year. The weather in Seattle has been wonderful lately. Though the skyline view from Kerry Park is the most preferred "postcard" shot of the city due to the views of the Space Needle and Mt. Rainier, I personally like this view more because it really shows the city in motion. The serpentine flow of traffic in motion reflects the pulse of the city, as if it were a living and breathing. The Puget Sound is the city’s important shipping waterway and is shadowed by the Olympic Mountain Range to the West. I could not believe how lucky I was on the night I chose to go on this shoot, I’ve never seen a sunset quite like this one. Hope you all enjoy!

I combined 9 bracketed exposures to really bring out all the color in the sky and in the lights of the city. A few of the exposures toward the end of the set were very long to really capture the lights from the traffic flow. Then standard post processing for levels, curves, and contrast to make it pop.

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