Monday, June 22, 2009

Samos, traditional music, awesome sunset!

Musicians on Samos: Dimos singing on Pefkos beach from Peter Molz on Vimeo.

The singer/guitarist Dimos Kassapidis works during the summer season on Samos island, mainly in big hotels in Samos-Town or near Pythagorio.

Here he performs just for fun at Pefkos beach in the south of Samos island in Greece.

Whenever I'm on Samos, Dimos and I visit the Seitani beaches in the north-west and, on our way back to Pythagorio, there is one route where we stop at a place called Pefkos in the early evening. It is a small bay with a narrow beach, mostly pebbles, but mainly because of the beautiful views and the good fish tavern we drive to this place.

The beach is located next to Balos beach in the south of Samos island.

Video taken with Canon XM2 in the summer of 2007. Edited with iMovie09.

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