Monday, May 18, 2009

Palma Cathedral and the Parc de la mar, Mallorca, Balearic Islands,

Parc de La Mar i La Seu, originally uploaded by fullos.
La Seu is a cathedral located in Palma de MallorcaSpain, built on the site of an existing Arab mosque. It is 121 metres long, 55 metres wide and 44 meters of nave height. Designed in Spanish "levantino" Gothic style with influences of the North European gothic, it was founded by King James I of Aragon in 1229 but finished only in 1601. It sits overlooking the Parc de la Mar and the Mediterranean Sea, protected by the old town walls. There are currently peregrines nesting high up on the east side of the cathedral which fly around the building preying on swifts and rock pigeons.
Fifty years after a restoration of the Cathedral had started, Antoni Gaudí was invited in 1901 to take over the project. While some of his ideas were adopted - moving the choir stalls from the middle nave to be closer to the altar, as well as a largecanopy - Gaudí abandoned his work in 1914 after an argument with the contractor. The project was cancelled soon after.Floor plan of La Seu

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