Friday, February 25, 2011

Santa Pau, Gerona Spain

Santa Pau (dedicada a mi amor), originally uploaded by Luciti.

Santa Pau is a town Catalan (Spain), in the province of Gerona, located in the region of La Garrotxa.

Located in the heart of the Natural Park of the Garrotxa Volcanic Zone, between the towns of Olot and Mieres, hilly and volcanic cones Croscat, Black Rock and Santa Margarita and Finestres saws, the Corb and Sant Julia del Mont.

Rainfed agriculture in the valleys. Cattle, swine and poultry. Has meat industry, wood and textiles. It is increasingly important in the tourism economy.

It was the center of the barony of Santa Pau, well-preserved medieval old town with the castle of Santa Pau (siglo XIII - XIV) whose facade in the arcaded square. Is declared a Historical Monument

An interesting historic site which is built around a square based castle constructed between the 13th and 14th centuries, and the main square, with porticoes and an irregular layout, and with arches of different sizes and with a decidedly mediaeval personality. In the town square there is the church of Santa Maria, a solid 15th century Gothic building, with a single nave and a square bell tower.

In the southern sector of the town, under the protective shade of the castle, there is a set of houses and narrow streets that lead to the Portal del Mar, from where you can contemplate a wonderful view of the valley of Santa Pau.

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