Friday, February 25, 2011

Filerimos, Rhodes Greece

Filerimos, originally uploaded by mattberry.

A view showing part of the monastery at Filerimos, a very peaceful and pleasant place to visit on the island of Rhodes, Greece.

I am thinking to host a week long guided tour of the island later in the year, between May - August.

I go there several times a year and know lots of good spots around the island for natural history and landscape photography. I also know where the best authentic local Greek cuisine and culture can be found and experienced - treats await that are not to be missed!

During the week we'd stay in a Greek family owned hotel (probably in the medieval old town - a World Heritage Site) and tour in a mini-bus to a number of places of interest, mixing leisure, wildlife, history and culture - with plenty of opportunities for photography, helped by the striking mediterranean light!

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