Monday, June 14, 2010

Lamberts Castle, Dorset, UK

A walk around Lamberts Castle offers stunning views of the Marshwood Vale with its clay valleys and rolling greens and hills. On a clear day you can see Chesil beach and Portland to the east and out toward the sea at Charmouth to the south.

Lambert's Castle is an Iron Age hill fort in Dorset, England, United Kingdom.
The fort rises to a height of 256 m on a broad northerly spur, with steep natural slopes on three sides, and linear ramparts across the flat southern approaches.
The site is owned by the National Trust. The is a car park accessible down a track off the B3165 east of Axminster. Coney's Castle is about 1.5 km to the south, and Pilsdon Pen about 5 km to the north-east.
It is also a Site of Special Scientific Interest on account of its geology, archaeology and ecology. It was notified as an SSSI in 1981.

Main hillfort with repairs to the ramparts Photo: NATIONAL TRUST

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