Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Santa Barbara - Greece - Drama City

According to the legend that surrounds the source of the city, where in 1830 the drama was conquered by the Turks, the chapel of St. Barbara was demolished to build in place of a mosque. The plans of the invaders, but changed ... the day of the Santa Barbara area flooded with water so the mosque was never built. Since then, Saint Barbara became the patron of Drama and just across the lake with the foundations, built the new church dedicated to Saint who saved the church. Thereafter, on December 4 every year our city commemorates the patron saint.
The legend that followed the custom of the boats, the versions of which are two. Under the first, on the eve of Santa Barbara after the procession, people send in sunken chapel a candle for St. on a plank of wood.
The second scenario is based on the Santa Barbara except the artillery was patron and protector of girls who guarded the gossip and helped the "lottery" of their marriage. So all the girls free to December 3, during vespers, and just darkened, lit candles on the east wall of the lake. Some girls put the candles on the planks of wood and with a wish to send the sunken church of St. Barbara. The state board of the lake showed if the prayer could be performed. If the candle extinguished considered a failure but the hope remained, and the next morning all the girls arrived back at the lake to bathe in water that Saint Barbara was to bless the night before.
The years that passed since then and many times he left for good. But the custom of the candles in the lake remained. Only the candles are now traveling on a boat made of children's hands, creating a beautiful and unique atmosphere. That time and has, snow, rain and bitter cold always on December 3 just sourouposei small captains are in their positions and take pride in their ship to be burned or sail away with the other
And if the young people of Drama await the feast of Saint Barbara to throw the boat on the lake, the large waiting to taste the warm and fragrant Barbara that all the housewives are preparing Drama.
The city once the best and celebrate. Once again, all appointments are at noon in procession the image of Saint Barbara and the afternoon on the lake. And then the cold that everyone will feel strongly we expect warm Barbara at home!

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