Saturday, August 10, 2013

Tzasteni, mt.Pelion, Magnisia, Greece

Tzasteni, originally uploaded by Faddoush.

This small beach is situated in the soutwest part of Pelion peninsula near the town of Sipiada. Many consider Tzasteni beach as one of the most beautiful beaches of Pelion.

The beach is quite small, covered mainly with pebbles and has cedar trees that provide natural shade for the swimmers. Waters are calm, transparent, clean with shades of blue and green. Like all the beaches of Pelion, Taztani beach also beautifully combines rich and dense greenery of its surrounding with the amazing color of the sea, creating breathtaking landscapes. The beach is entirely unorganized and has no tourist facilities. Consider bringing basic beach necessities with you, water especially, if you decide to spend several hours on this gem of Pelion. The beach is hardly ever crowded and it is ideal place for those who seek where to relax, unwind and enjoy in tranquility and quietness of Pelion's natural beauties. The beach is easily accessible and reachable by private means and accommodation units can be easily found in the nearby settlements.

Pelion peninsula is known for its healthy climate and weather conditions are created by combination of wooded mountains and Aegean Sea. Summers here are pleasant and dry with an average temperature of around 26C° during the summer season. The best time to visit Tzasteni beach is from late May to late September.

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