Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Shandur Lake, Ghizer, Pakistan.

A Night at Shandur.., originally uploaded by M Atif Saeed.

A Night at Shandur..

Ghizer District is northernmost part of the Northern Areas of Pakistan. Its capital is Gakuch. Ghizer is also a contact point between Gilgit and Chitral and also it is contact point to China, Tajikistan via Qurumber pass through Ishkomen/Darkut Yasin (which are connected via Shandur Pass). Ghizer is a multi ethnic district and three major languages are spoken. Khowar, Shina and Burushaski are spoken in Ghizer. There are also Wakhi speakers in Ishkoman.and the Gujars are also in minority, few Tajik speakers are also living in Ishkomen Imit.
Ghizer is a distorted form of the name Gherz means (In Khowar or Chitrali) the Refugees. Whenever the Mehtars(Raja's)of Chitral did unjust with their people in Chitral and forced them to migrate towards Gupis. They were settled in the area between Chitral and Gupis and the area called Gherz and the people were called Gherzic. When Zulafiqar Ali Bhutto the President of Pakistan abolished the FCR and Rajgi system and made another administrative district comprising the Tehsils (Political districts) the name Ghizer was agreed and unanimously.

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