Thursday, July 7, 2011

Lace Batur, Kedisan, Bali, Indonesia

Good morning Kedisan, originally uploaded by tropicaLiving.

Kedisan is a small rural village on the edge of Lake Batur, under the shadow of the magnificent active volcano Mt Batur. The village's income is predominantly farming and the view as you drive down to Kedisan is a magnificent patchwork of the many different crops. There you can find a small floating restaurant and bungalows which offers such romantic hide out place :) ( See more on their website )

Lake Batur itself is the largest lake overshadowed by the active volcano Mount Batur, at the northeast of Bali. Batur Lake is the widest lake in this island. The lake is classified as a "neutral-dilute" lake because there is no known underlying hydrothermal activity, and the abundant rainfall more than quenches any such activity.
There is a hot spring right by the lake. We can enjoy the spectacular "shimmers sheet of blue glass" scenery of Batur Lake from Kintamani. Across the lake, only reachable by boat, lies Trunyan village, where the Bali Aga people live.
The surrounding of the lake is a favorite place for picks self up.
At Batur Lake we can see the scenic view and feel cool atmosphere, all surrounded by the high walls of the crater rim and colorful sulfuric rocks. The place is a great day trips, trekking or just to get away from the daily activity.

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