Saturday, August 7, 2010

Gößweinstein castle, Fränkische Schweiz, Bavaria, Germany

Castle Gößweinstein, originally uploaded by nature1955.

Gößweinstein is a municipality in the district of Forchheim in Bavaria in Germany.
The first record of the Goswinesteyn Castle is from 1076. Prior to 1102 the Hochstift Bamberg became the owner of the castle. The prince-bishop of Bamberg Friedrich Carl von Schönborn (ruled from 1729 until 1746) elevated Gößweinstein's status to a Market. During the Secularization in 1803, the area of the Hochstift Bamberg was transferred to Bavaria.
During the Bavarian territorial reforms in 1978, the formerly independent communities of Morschreuth, Wichsenstein, Behringersmühle, Kleingesee, Leutzdorf, Stadelhofen, Unterailsfeld and part of the community Tüchersfeld were integrated into Gößweinstein.
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