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Bagenkop Harbor Denmark

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Blue fishing cutters chug in and out of the harbour with flocks of seagulls following in their wake. The cutters´ red and black pennants wave in the wind and the old fishermen sit on the benches and discuss life and not least fishing conditions.

Bagenkop, Langeland´s most southern town, is the place if you want to experience the true harbour atmosphere with the smell of tar and salt water.
This is the place to buy freshly caught fish when one of the small pound net fishermen has tied up. It is also popular for visitors to catch fish themselves. You will see this especially in springtime when the many swishing fishing rods are being flicked. Later, during the summertime it is the many white and coloured sails which contribute to a party-like holiday atmosphere in the yacht harbour which has now new facilities including a barbecue. You should not miss out on the harbour festival in the middle of July either.

Not far from the harbour in the old part of Bagenkop you will find a nearly Skagen-like atmosphere with charming old houses. Here the small gardens are more lush and less wind-blown even though this part of town has, as every good harbour town should have, its own "Storm Street".

Near Bagenkop you ought to see the bird life - or at least experience Dovns Klint and Gulstav Mose where they are plentiful. If you enjoy "heights" there are beautiful views from Bagenkop Bjerg and the old light house which stands on one of the so called "hat-shaped hills" of which there are so many in the area. These are large round-shaped hills that were created during the ice age.

Another way you can also have a view of the whole area is to take a trip to the top of Kelds Nor lighthouse which, with its height of 38 m, allows you to see all the way to Kiel.
The courageous can also have a special, historical experience if they crawl into Langeland´s only covered stone dolmen which is not so far from the town.

"A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step." -- Lao Tzu
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