Saturday, November 7, 2009

Tripkau - Evangelische Fachwerkkircke St. Maria Germany

Since 1618 there is in Tripkau a church building. In 1757 it became by a simple hall construction without tower he-puts, and this timber-framed building also forms even today in the original substance the nave which was extended in 1864 by choir, sacristy and tower.

Only the loft is received from the old equipment from the 18th century; pulpit, font and altar have remained from the gothic equipment of the 19th century; the organ comes from century, has been put up only late in this church.

The church was renovated basically and initiated in 1998 again. The interior is from numerous cross motives passed through which are unique in the hannoverschen county church.

In 1952 a restricted area was furnished along the internal border. At this time compulsive forced migrations from the Elbvillages took place: code name "Vermin" and "Cornflower" by the order of the "Ministerium für Staatssicherheit (STASI). 21 villages were concerned by it in which the houses were torn off and were levelled which courts. My father was resettled at the age of 10 years and his family compulsory. My grandfather lost all his possessions.

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