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Paris Trocadero, The Lady and the Tower

The Lady and the Tower, originally uploaded by Kurlylox1 (very busy!).

The Trocadéro, site of the Palais de Chaillot, is an area of ParisFrance, in the 16th arrondissement, across the Seine from the Eiffel Tower. The hill of the Trocadéro is the hill of Chaillot, a former village.

Trocadero is an island inside the Bay of Cadiz, in the South of Spain, bordering the Spanish mainland. Nowadays, it is conected to Cadiz by the bridge that goes across the bay. Originally, the name trocadero refers to an emporium or place of trade.
In the Battle of Trocadero, the fortified position on the Cádiz was captured on August 311823, by French forces led by the Duc d'Angoulême, son of the future king, Charles X, in a battle against the Spanish army that took place in the island of Trocadero. The goal of the French invasion of Spain limited to intervening against the Spanish liberals who were rebelling against the autocracy of Ferdinand VII. Trocadero,unfortunately, restored the autocratic Spanish Bourbon Ferdinand VII to the throne of Spain, in an action that defined the Restoration.
Today that square is officially named Place du Trocadéro et du 11 Novembre, although it is usually simply called the Place du Trocadéro.
Five avenues come from the Trocadéro: the avenue Henri-Martin which goes to the porte de la Muette and passes in front of the lycée Janson de Sailly (Janson de Sailly secondary school); the avenue Paul Doumer which goes to the Muette; the avenue d'Eylau which goes to the place of Mexico; the avenue Kléber which goes to the place de l'Etoile; and the avenue d'Iéna which goes to the musée Guimet. There is a big municipal library near the Trocadéro's square. The high retaining walls of the Trocadero cemetery were constructed by the French industrialist François Coignet.
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