Sunday, February 22, 2009

View Of Greece

This vacation is perfect if you want to see Greece and do not have a lot of time. Your trip starts in Athens, the capital of Greece, with a guided sightseeing tour. See the Parthenon’s crowning beauty atop the Acropolis, the Roman Temple of Zeus, the Agora where Socrates taught, and more.
You also have leisure time in Athens to explore the city on your own.
On your way to Delphi, hear about Marathon. In Delphi, enjoy a tour of the excavations and a visit to the Archaeological Museum.
Next, travel to Olympia, where the athletes of antiquity performed in honor of the King of Deities. Learn about the history of those original Olympic Games as you enjoy a walking tour with your Local Guide, including the impressive remains of the Gymnasium and the Temples of Hera and Zeus.
Next, travel to Mycenae, where 19th-centruy excavations reveal impressions of the splendors so vividly described by Homer. Take a short drive to Epidaurus for a tour of its amazingly well-preserved 2,300-year-old open-air theater. Your trip concludes in Athens, a perfect ending to a spectacular Greece vacation!

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